turn the vision you
have for your business
into reality

think of us as the catalysts

Same old roadblocks stalling your growth?

You’re not alone. Bonafide was built to solve the problems that keep companies from growing.

No In-House Team

A department full of marketing superstars doesn’t come cheap.

We work as an extension of your team, bringing experts across various disciplines to work for you every day at a fraction
of the cost.

Unsure about ROI

Marketing and advertising can be expensive and hard to track.

We tie all your new business back to the marketing activity that brought it in – that way you know exactly how your investment is performing.

Don’t Have The time

“Handling the marketing” is just one of your many job responsibilities.

We manage all aspects of your campaign – from strategy to execution – and finally give marketing the attention it deserves.

Hard to Keep Up

Can’t stay on top of the latest in marketing tactics, tools and trends.

We invest heavily in education, technology and research – staying on the bleeding edge of best practices so you don’t
have to.

Accomplish Real business goals. Not fluff.

Having “more Facebook followers” is great, but it won’t pay the bills. We build and execute marketing plans that are tied to your business goals and aligned with your company’s long-term strategy.


Increase sales revenue to grow your organization and capture more market share


Target more of your ideal prospects so you waste less time with tire-kickers


Increase bottom line profitability by improving return on investments


Build your audience and get in front of more potential customers wherever they are


Sell more to your existing customers with bigger deals or new products and services

new markets

Target buyers in new markets – whether geographically or in different industries

brand recognition

Become a recognized, trusted thought leader to your prospects and within your industry


Improve operational efficiency and productivity by getting more done with less

customer retention

Improve onboarding and customer service to keep your customers buying from you

Whatever your goals, let’s discuss how we can help you achieve them.

specialty medical practice sets its sight on growth and expands to 3 new markets

The Migraine Relief Center is a facility devoted to ending migraines permanently for its patients. With our help, they’ve gone from scrappy startup to becoming a major player with locations in 4 cities.

See How We Did It

But don't take our word for it...

We initially hired Bonafide to supplement the radio and billboard ads we were doing with an online campaign. They came up with all kinds of cutting-edge ideas that ended up doubling our business at less than half of the cost of what we were spending elsewhere.

Jayson Mullin | Co-founder · Top Tax Defenders