Case Study

Top Tax Defenders

Tax resolution firm uses inbound marketing to complement traditional radio and billboard advertising to produce a 21x increase in traffic, 24x the leads and a Cost Per Lead (CPL) reduction of 56%

What We Did

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) and Display Advertising
  • Marketing Automation / Analytics Software

The Results

2105% Increase in overall traffic to the website
2425% Increase in leads generated by marketing
56% Reduction in the cost to acquire a new lead
Jayson Mullin

"We initially hired Bonafide to supplement the radio and billboard ads we were doing with an online campaign. They came up with all kinds of cutting-edge ideas that ended up doubling our business at less than half of the cost of what we were spending elsewhere."

Jayson Mullin | Co-founder | Top Tax Defenders


Top Tax Defenders is a leading Houston tax resolution firm specializing in IRS problems. With extensive expertise in a wide range of issues, from unpaid back taxes to wage garnishments and beyond, the company prides itself on protecting its clients and upholding their rights.


Before partnering with Bonafide, Top Tax Defenders had no online presence. Instead, they relied heavily on radio and billboard advertising, making it difficult to track leads and reach new customers in a highly competitive industry. They knew the opportunity for growth was there – but they couldn’t capitalize on it through their existing marketing efforts.


Bonafide implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy to help Top Tax Defenders increase their customer base – and their market share. To start, we developed a wide variety of educational content, including articles and blog posts, to attract prospects to the site and answer their most common tax questions. To generate more leads, additional “premium” content like eBooks and case studies was offered to visitors in exchange for their contact information.

We also launched extensive SEO and PPC campaigns to connect Top Tax Defenders to the people that needed them most. In addition, we incorporated remarketing technology into our strategy to draw visitors back to the site and request consultations. Finally, we helped Top Tax Defenders increase visibility and demonstrate industry expertise by contributing informative guest articles to several tax and business websites. Our closed loop analytics approach meant we helped the company tie new customers to the specific marketing channel that attracted them – so Top Tax Defenders could continue to bring in more new business.


Our content-based marketing strategy quickly paid off in the form of increased traffic, leads and new customers. We’ve helped Top Tax Defenders improve traffic by 21x and generate 25x more leads – all while reducing their cost per lead and cost of customer acquisition to less than half of what they were with standalone outbound marketing efforts.